Landlord-Tenant Webinar

Landlord-Tenant Webinars

TURN conducts webinars in-person and via Zoom’s video-conferencing explaining a variety of landlord-tenant issues. Each session will be for one hour and will be limited to persons who register in advance. At the end of each webinar, we offer a question and answer session with an experienced attorney and/or housing counselor.

To register, please click below the link for the time of day that you are interested in attending. If anyone wants to attend who does not have internet access, please call (267) 635-4130 so we can register the person by phone, AND they can attend in-person Tuesday-Thursday 10:30pm, 12:30pm or 3:30pm.

Webinar Times & Registration Links Below
Monday’s Schedule 
(via zoom only)
Tuesday’s Schedule
(You can attend in-person or via zoom)
Wednesday’s Schedule
(You can attend in-person or via zoom before 5pm)
Thursday’s Schedule
(You can attend in-person or via zoom)
Friday’s Schedule
(via zoom only)
Saturday’s Schedule
(via zoom only)

These sessions are designed educate tenants on issues regarding rental properties in the City of Philadelphia only

The webinar is for information only and will not provide legal representation or advice.